Exhibition “The Fifth Season”

The owners of Jessica Company, Iliana and Marin Dokov, jointly with the advertisement agency “KOLORIT” present “Jessica’s House”. The third exhibition of the project  presents oil paintings of the artist Georgi Petrov.

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the official opening of the exhibition “The Fifth Season”. The painter Georgi Petrov offers us an unbelievable play of colors and perceptions caught in a series of impressionistic oil paintings.

The author interprets the fifth season as the season of love. He presents paintings he created last year. This is his odd breakaway from reality towards abstract freedom. There, imagination can get some rest from the visible reality and concreteness, forming its own world – a chapel (sentiment, emotion, movement, yearning, open light, intimateness, mysterious blooming, illusions, invisible naivety, aroma of spring,  beautiful sadness,  smiling, noiseless love, spontaneity)…
“It is not an infatuation, not a caprice, not a pose; it is a vital necessity of spiritual hygiene and preservation of human entity.”

The oil paintings are created along Myriam Alter’s music: sincerely, with an open soul, spontaneously, finding one’s self.

Welcome to “Jessica’s House” until 28 April 2009 in the town of Sofia, 220 Botevgradsko Shosse Street, Showroom “Jessica”

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